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Kevrola is a village in Pinegskiy district of the Arkhangelsk region. The administrative center of the rural settlement.

For the first time Kevrola is mentioned in the Chronicles in 1137.

In 1616, it was isolated Kevrola County. In Kevrola were the Voivodeship, the clerk and krugechni courts.

In 1624-1626 years commander in Kevrola was boyar of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich, okolnichy Prokofy Fedorovich Sokovnin, father Feodosia Morozova («Boyarynya Morozova»).

By means of кеврольского the magistrates Athanasius Pashkova in 1649, was founded the monastery of Saint Artemios Vercolski.

Voivod Mine Petrovich Homutovu Tsar Peter I commissioned to observe the exiled in the limits of his governorship Prince Vasily Vasilyevich Golitsyn, a favorite tsarevna Sophia Alexeevna.

In 1684 in Kevrola commander was put Stolnik Fedor Ivanovich Verigin, a well-known fact, that was founded at the present place of the city of Tyumen.

In 1678 was 18 peasant households. In 1769 in Kevrola were two churches, a bell tower, the house of commander, office, drinking courtyard and a few dozens of peasants ‘ and soldiers ‘ courts (8 economic courts, 12 peasant households). In 1780 Kevrola was renamed in Кеврольско of the resurrection cemetery, and the centre of Pinezhsky district became Pinega.

8, 1924, in Karpogorskii parish was formed Kevrola rural Council of workers, peasants and red army deputies. In the village Council consisted of the village: Vasilevka, Isacovskaya, Obrosovskoe, Hollow, water Slide, Gribovo, Zaozerie, Zuevo, Murino, Pastennikovo, Haritonovo, Edom, Korzinskaya, Juras-Bogatka, Balikovo.

Since 2006 Kevrola is the center of the Kevrola rural settlement (mo «Kevrola»).

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