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Krasnoye Selo (Russian: Кра́сное Село́, lit. beautiful village[1]) is a municipal town in Krasnoselsky District[2] of the federal city of St. Petersburg, Russia. It is located south-southeast of the city center. Population: 44,485 (2010 Census preliminary results);[3] 44,081 (2002 Census).[4]

It was founded in the early 18th century, as a suburban village south of St. Petersburg. In 1764, the village had a paper mill, located near the road leading to St. Petersburg. During the 19th century, Krasnoye Selo developed as a recreational suburb of the capital with numerous summer dachas and villas, including the summer residences of the royals. In 1884, the famous airplane designer Alexander Mozhaysky tested his early monoplane there, achieving a power-assisted take off or ‘hop’ of 60 to 100 feet (18 to 30 m).

Krasnoye Selo was granted town status in 1925, and in 1973 it was transferred under the jurisdiction of the city of Leningrad.

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