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Breaking the bridge, get into the centre of the old village (referred to in the census year 1499). Unusual in the Outback see large stone building, which can decorate any County town. Especially stands out two-storey house of the merchant Gavrilova. Nearby are the ruins of the bell tower of the Church of the life-giving Trinity. Another architectural object, for the sake of which it is worth to come here, is considered to be the staff complex of military settlements, built in 1824-1831 years under the project of architects In. P. Stasov and L. A. Дюбю.
Well-known system of military settlements, invented by Alexander I and implemented the military Minister Arakcheev, the most actively implemented in the Novgorod province under the vigilant eye of the active count, at which the property was on the Новгородчине — ruined now the Georgian. However, after another riot in Staraya Russa in 1831, when the rebels killed doctors and officers, considering that they had been infected with cholera, reorganized the military settlements. Another прелюбопытным the object of the village are the gravestones of the deceased prisoners of the Japanese. Yes-Yes, here, in the village of the Novgorod Bear, there were about 2 thousand of the Japanese, captured during the Russian-Japanese war of 1905-1907. Twenty people have died from the disease and are buried at the local cemetery. Their bodies were transported to Japan in 1908, and the stones with the characters left.

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