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Michurinsk (Russian: Мичу́ринск) is the second most populous town in Tambov Oblast, Russia. Population: 98,758 (2010 Census);[3] 96,093 (2002 Census);[5] 109,081 (1989 Census).[6]

Originally known as Kozlov (Козло́в), it was founded in 1635 at the northern end of the emerging Belgorod Line.[citation needed] A 25-kilometer (16 mi) earthen wall was built eastward across the open steppe effectively blocking the Nogai Trail, a Tatar raiding route. The success of this line led to the building of further lines further south. The settlement was granted town status in 1779.[citation needed]

The town was renamed Michurinsk in 1932[citation needed] after Ivan Michurin, a practitioner of selection.

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