Andijan — History

Andijan(UZB. Andijon, Andijan) is a city in Uzbekistan, the administrative center of Andijan region.
Andijan is one of the most ancient cities of Fergana valley, the founding is unknown. In written sources known to the IX century under the name of andikan, with the XV century — Андиган. In the XV century — the capital of the feudal state. According To the opinion. In. Made possible Andijan was founded Mongolian khans in the end of XIII-th century, which were transferred Turks from different tribes and clans, and at the end of the XV century. Andijan was considered in the Ferghana Turkic city on advantage[3].

In 1483, Babur was born in Andijan — the founder of the state of the Great Mughals and the author of «Babur-name».

In 1876, after the conquest of the Kokand khanate, Andijan joined the Russian Empire. (see The Central Asian possession of the Russian Empire). The district city of the Fergana region. In may 1898, in the city there was a revolt.

In 1902 Andijan earthquake happened, as a result of which were destroyed old architectural constructions.

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