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The site presents old postcards with views of cities of many countries of the world, the first half of XX century.
Along with the views of cities, many with the views of the different geographic objects and places. Some cards have gone mail, with stamps and addresses. On separate cards there are very interesting messages, for example as in the Arkhangelsk peasants, passing by the monument to Lomonosov, they took their hats and were baptized bowing, honoring the Saint. Address side of the postcards that have passed the mail, we have singled out in a separate section of the stamp.
The years pass, it changed the shape of the world around us. Modern restorers do a lot to restore the original view of the works of men’s hands, and old cards helps us to see and compare the past and the present. For instance the Chapel of the Summer garden in Saint-Petersburg.
Looking at the postcards, despite the lapse of time separates us from those years, comes the understanding of how people lived and what they thought of our compatriots century ago.
We’re not trying to do historical research, not trying to draw your attention to the details and aspects that did not trying to make any conclusions. Our purpose is simply to show you the postcards as they are, if you like, the evolution of the development of the postcards for that period.
Collection postcards piece by piece for many years collecting indefatigable researcher of historical depth, Vladimir Ivanovich Yolkin. Today its collection of vintage postcards more than 70,000 postcards. The collection is vintage cards constantly updated and replenished.
The website prepares for opening of Internet-shop selling old postcards. Relationships of the seller and the buyer are defined separately in the contract. Many vintage postcards denotes the price and have the opportunity to go directly to checkout. Where the cost of the vintage cards is not marked, so the price is negotiable and is discussed separately, preferably through mail. The seller is not required from the buyer mandatory registration on the website. When ordering carefully specify the address of delivery. Picture postcards on the website adapted for the web. In this regard, if you need to view in higher quality — email me please. To pay for products you have two options. Automatic system using PayPal or manual mode. When you select the manual mode, after ordering, you will receive by mail the payment instructions. The product will be reserved for you for 3 days, for a decision about payment. If payment is not made in the above-specified period-the order will be cancelled. On all arising questions email me. We wish you pleasant purchases!

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