Adler — History

Adler — the former (up to 1961) the resort village of town-like type on the Black sea. From 1961 — in the city of Sochi as a historical and administrative centre of the Adler district. Center of Adler is located at the confluence of the Black sea of the river Mzymta.

Adler city district of a large city-resort of Sochi is located in the mouth of a spacious valley of the river Mzymta river, on both its banks, the United Old Адлерским bridge. The main advantage of the southern part of the Sochi — a unique for Russian natural therapeutic base.


The most complete information on the history of Adler, you can get into the Museum of the history of the Adler district. Russian strengthening the Holy spirit was founded on June 18, 1837, on the plains near the mouth of the river Mzymta. Strengthening in the Caucasus line lasted until 1854 In the neighbourhood with the strengthening of the existed Abkhazian settlement Лиеш, known in the Middle ages as a Genoese trading post Layso. Until the conquest of the Russians, these lands were under the jurisdiction of the Sadz princely family. The princes in the mouth of the river had a Marina, by means of which have been trading with Turkey. In Turkish, this area was called Artlar («Arts»). This name stuck in Russified form of the settlement. In 1910, in Adler the Park was laid out Drachevsky (now the Park «Southern culture»). In 1927, was established holiday village Adler, who is 7 years later it was transformed into a working village. In 1961 together with Lazarevski included in the composition of the city of Sochi.

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