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Seraphim-Ponetaevski Skorbyaschenski monastery — in the part of one of the buildings is the Church of the Holy Trinity Seraphim-Diveyevo convent. Is located in the village of Ponetaevka.

In 1864, the daughter of major-General (E.a. Kopiev in the memory of the monk Seraphim of Sarov founded in his estate of a female community. After five years, the community was transformed into the monastery.

In the monastery kept the miraculous icon of the Mother of God «the Sign», written in 1879, насельницей Claudia Войлошниковой. Icon of fame on may 14, 1885 a wonderful glow pictured on her countenance of the Mother of God and the movement of Her eyes, as well as healing the sick by prayer before this image.

In 1925, the monastery was closed.

As of 2009 in part of one of the buildings of the skete is located. Over with her dome with a cross. In the rest of the buildings is a boarding school for mentally ill, but in a building with a bell tower — Directorate of the boarding school[source?]. The school was situated in the building of the former hostel for pilgrims. From 2010, the school is closed.

January 30, 2010 in Ponetaevka the monastery hosted the first of the close of the Seraphimo-Ponetaevka the abode of the divine Liturgy perfect hierarchal rank.

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