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Shenkorsk — city (1380) in Russia, the administrative center of the Shenkorsk municipal district of the Arkhangelsk region.

Many historians identify with Shenkorsk item «Чудин»that was mentioned as one of the many places for the collection of lesson in the Charter of the Novgorod Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich issued in 1137 the Cathedral of St. Sophia on the change of the charges in favor of the Novgorod diocese[1]. In 1315 year Шенкурский Pogost was bought by the Novgorod посадником Своеземцевым. In 1446 year was mentioned as Posad Шенкурье.

In 1565 — опричный city Vaga, center Важского County.

With 1586, Vaga has become the preserve of the future Tsar Boris Fyodorovich Godunov, which in turn, in крестоцеловальной literacy 1602 bequeathed to the city of the Duke of Шлезвигскому and Голштинскому Hans, the bridegroom of the Princess Xenia. Because of the unexpected death of the Duc the marriage did not take place, and that was «reduced» in possession of the kings from the family of the Romanovs.

In 1606 among важских towns there was a fortress on the mountain Шеньг-courier. Inside the fortress was the Church of the Archangel Michael, the Voivodeship courtyard, next to him is going hut, the local court, a tavern and a prison. In the fortress there were Gostiny dvors with 29 shops. In addition to the Cathedral Church, the Conversation was still two of the temple, eight cells and five yards priests.

On шенкурском Posad there were 59 residential courtyards. Важские merchants are people of substance, they have played a prominent role in public Affairs of the city and Важского County. Trade people took the most active part in raising funds for the construction of a new fortress, built in 1640-1643 years. The remains of this fortress partially preserved to our days.

In «the Book of the Big Drawing» (1627 year) and in a letter of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich (1629) the village was named Шенкурском. Behind the walls of a wooden fortress was Важский St. Sophia courtyard, an employee of the residence of the «владычных rulers», sent from Novgorod. These spiritual hierarchs окормляли residents your up to the institutions in 1682 Kholmogory and Важской of the diocese.

C, 1708 in Архангелогородской province — center Важской share. From 1780 — center Шенкурского County.

In Conversation annually conducted Sretenskaya fair.

Not yet but im working on the arms of the 1780 in the upper part depicts the coat of arms of Vologda, in the bottom part is a badger in a green field.

In 2009, turned 80 years from the day of formation of Шенкурского district. To his 80-th anniversary of the municipal formation «the Шенкурский municipal district» has received its own coat of arms. The heraldic description of the emblem of the district, says: «In the green field going silver with black eyes, nose, band on the face, belly and legs badger (окопенная pig). In the freestyle part of the coat of arms of the Arkhangelsk region. The shield is crowned with the municipal crown of the established sample». The symbolism of the emblem stands for the following way. The coat of arms was created on the basis of the historical coat of arms, which was approved on October 2, 1781 (the date is wrong, coat of arms was approved in 1780). Badger on the green background of the emblem not yet but im working — it’s animal living in the vicinity of this city in large numbers. The green colour of the stamp field symbolizes abundance, fertility, joy, freedom, rest and peace. Silver — a symbol of faith, purity, sincerity, nobility, honesty. The black color is a symbol of education, modesty. Coat of arms of the Arkhangelsk region, placed in the freestyle part (in the upper-right corner), points to the territorial belonging to the Arkhangelsk region.

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